Judge Turner under no Legal Authority Denied Mr. Rojas’ Petition for Habeas Corpus

Mr. Rojas has been fighting to get his children back for more then two years.

His children were taken from him because a corrupted Brevard County Sheriff’s officer arrested him for “resisting and officer” and trafficked his children in to the DCF social worker’s kid’s for cash scheme.   ( It is widely believed officer’s are obtaining kick backs from stealing children in the lucrative industry based on the destruction of families and selling humans ) .

Charges were dropped and DCF never returned his children.   There was no court order terminating his parental rights or adjudicating his children to the state.   The state has violated all constitutional laws and Florida Statute 39 in the illegal seizure and kidnapping of Rojas’ children.  ( As well as they have passed the children around and abused them, now they are in their fifth foster home, 18th Circuit court is without humanity and the judge has seen the police reports of the abuse and has also ignore the interests of the child in the most dangerous ways ).19964983_1986164791628464_150045800_n

Now without any legal authority the 18th Circuit court outside the law once again violated Mr. Rojas’ rights denying his petition for Habeas Corpus.   Link to ORDER

This order says that the state has requested many tasks to be performed.   None of these tasks were ordered by the judge because the judge has not ordered Mr. Rojas into a case plan or made the children dependent on the state.   There is no evidence that the state has filed anything with the Judge Turner so it demonstrates that the judge is talking to the state outside of the court.

Mr. Rojas had the opportunity to file the motion for default but due to his impoverished nature and the fact that he lives in Broward County not Brevard he did not make it in time.    Motion for Default

Mr. Rojas fears he will never see his children again.   The foster parents claimed his children were sexually abused a new claim which never occurred in the two years.  These are the same foster parent’s one who worked for Brevard County Sheriff’s office another for DCF who left his children bloody and abused.

Brevard County Sheriff’s heavily redacted the reports so that Mr. Rojas can’t see how bad the abuse is.    Mr. Rojas believes they sexually abused the children to deflect the abuse from them.    DCF nor the 18th circuit judge still have broken the law and not placed the children with him or the parents.

Their aim is to torture and abuse the children which in turn makes Mr. Rojas emotionally upset and angry.   Then the “social workers” claim he has mental and anger management problems, they know the parent’s have a natural need to defend the children and provoke there basic instincts knowing the children are defenseless, they demand he takes anger management and psychological assessments ( as you can see by the judge’s order ) .   Then they have a team of psudo- physiologists, to attack Mr. Rojas’s mental state to degrade him to nothing claim he is crazy and laugh at him after ruining his family and to terminate his parental rights and sell his children to be passed around by other exploitative evil adults.

In the complete cycle of Sadism after abusing the foster kids many times they end up dead.   This is a way for DCF to eliminate their victims so they can’t be held accountable for what they have done.