Korvary Rojos protests - release our Children Brevard County

Press Release

Today, 8/3/2017 we are protesting in front of the Viera Court House  because Judge Charles Crawford promised to return Korvary Rojas Children, on July 31, 2017, on conditioned on the positive completion of his parenting assessment, of which he completed.

Not only did the Judge not release the children into the custody of the Children’s father Korvary Rojas but he did not release the children to the custody of the paternal grandmother, who’s home study has been approved, whom the Department of Children and Families Brevard County has denied visitation to the children for one year.

Korvary Rojas, was detained by Brevard County Sheriff’s Department for the single charge of resisting and Officer, denied his right to a shelter hearing, which was held while he was in the detention of Brevard County Jail.

He has not consented for his children to be in the custody of the state,  he has not been given a trial, the court has not adjudicated his children dependent on the state nor terminated his parental rights.

The State has no legal right to detain his children. The illegal detention of his children has all been done in violation of Florida Statute 39 and against the “Best Interests of the Child” as well as USA’s Constitutional Law and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Today, August 2, 2017, Korvary Rojas has filed a petition for Habeas Corpus, assigned to Judge Turner, to release the children,  whom have been illegally detained and abused in Brevard County for more than two years.

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