Father’s Rights Leader, David Henry, Calls for End of Federal Funding for Destruction of the Traditional Family

Lila Buescher claims that she has under gone malicious prosecution, abuse of process and defamation at the hands of Pro se litigant David Henry.   She is the president of the Happy Landings Homes  aka Gabrielle Place with in his child and her mother are housed.

She is suing the indigent litigant for $15,000.

David Henry failed to obtain an injunction against her, because he did not meet the criteria of the courts to statutorily act, although she is involved in separating him from his child and interfering in his court ordered visitation, which is unclear why the mother and the shelter won’t allow his to visit his own daughter without a court order.     She is also involved in inappropriate touching of his child which seems to be a general trend in Brevard County where the court and culture of Sheriff’s and social workers usurp the authority and rights of parents and do what ever they want to their children.

David Henry has been very vocal about his concern and was recently falsely imprisoned in the Brevard County Jail for 3 month’s without a valid charge and later released without adjudication.     Activists question what has David Henry done to be denied his parental rights and why has his former girlfriend and child been subjugated to live in a homeless shelter for years?

Many citizen’s of Brevard County have expressed similar situations to investigators.

Common allegations include..

DCF involvement telling family members to claim abuse and file injunctions, based on false allegations, against other members to obtain or maintain custody of their children.

Police refusing to arrest violent criminals to force women into dangerous situations then telling them to flee their home and depend on these homeless shelter’s for protection.

Police and Social worker’s making criminal allegations against men without a victim, that can’t be prosecuted in criminal court but are considered reason for removal and destroying the family in “Family and Dependency Court”  in order for DCF to take custody of the children and force the mother’s and children into these homeless shelters in order to get their children back.

David Henry as well as other residence allege that Brevard County, in order to  maintain their white supremacist power, have targeted racially mixed families to terrorize and destroy them.    This is a county with a history of Jim Crow laws and a strong Klan influence, which has infiltrated law enforcement.   After the end of Jim Crow laws they have maintained their status by perverse abuse of power to attack those unknowing of the unwritten culture of Brevard, by these illegal collusion of programs which destroy families without proven cause.

Investigators are looking into allegations of corruption in the unscrupulous practices of these “humanitarian agencies” .    Vulnerable families are often time targeted by the misguided trust in the police.   Via this avenue, the police perverse the law enforcement practices and instead of protecting the citizens by enforcing the law or helping them, make false allegations or involve social workers to remove children and force families onto the “system”.



The social worker’s in turn start the threats and destruction of the family often times breaking them up and putting them into difficult situations, sometimes member’s like David Henry are false imprisoned.   This in turn brings them several hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Federal Government.

Pro-family organizations are advocating the expansion of  the reach of Florida Patient Brokering Laws to include humanitarian organizations.   Currently, subjecting women and children to abuse and forcing them to seek help or shelter or making false allegations of abuse to force the removal of children and break up of families can garner an police officer or therapists or social worker a hefty kickback, commission or indirect payment.   This leads to the destruction and criminalizes families for profit for the unethical and corrupted Brevard County establishment.  The expansion of the law would make it a felony punishable up to five years in prison, to traffic women and children for these federal funding.

Conservative and Religious organizations greatly oppose the break up of families as well.  The Church emphasizes that the rights and duties of parents are not given by the state, but by God. And the state can do something to regulate in this area only where it has a corresponding right and where it does not cross the boundaries set by God – this is a clear view of the Church.

“The Church affirms that the state has no right to interfere in the family life, except in cases where there is a proven danger to life, health and moral condition of the child and when the danger can not be eliminated through the help of parents and through persuasion. In this case, the actions of state bodies should be based on clear and unambiguous legal criteria . It is the parents should determine the methods and forms of education of children within the boundaries outlined by the need to ensure life, health and moral condition of the child. It is destined by God the right and duty of parents. It is unacceptable that government intervention in the lives of individual families, which seems justified only in exceptional circumstances, lead to the undermining of the family direct government or encouraged by the state of public regulation of family processes to limit the desire of parents to raise their children in the traditional cultural, religious, social and other values “( emphasized ed.).  

The Church disagrees, organizations, like Gabrielle Place, who are claiming to be Christian not only are an affront to the values of the church but they are misusing federal funding to indoctrinate families in false religious values, which violates the principle of the separation of church and state and serve to break up families and foster parental alienation to receive these federal funds.

David Henry, proclaiming, himself to be a leader in the marginalized Father’s Right’s movement, reminds us that it is an uphill battle when federal funds don’t support Family values and parental rights such as the Father’s right’s movement advocates for but instead fuels conflict to destroy the family unit the basis of a healthy society.  

David Henry expresses hope in now elected President Donald Trump to cut this destructive funding “to remove Title 4D, Title 10, VAWA, TANF and other special interests legislation that provides a haven for “non for profits” to practice predatory business on disenfranchised communities, and families with high conflict as a means to a lucrative end, that has eroded the fabric of American society leading to faithlessness and the subsequent perpetuation of dysfunction. “