Will Russia Open Its Door To Western Refugees?

P.T. Carlo

The Election Battle of 2016 is still raging in the United States but already many are beginning to discuss contingency plans for the possibility of a Clinton victory in November. While at present it is the countries of Western Europe that are suffering under a deluge of Refugees, mostly from the Muslim world, in the near future, we may see a significantly different wave of migration. Not the present pattern from South to North, but rather from the West to the East. This may seem a far-fetched prediction to some, but if current trends continue apace it just may materialize. 

That the West is in a significant decline is now a well-known fact to all but the most ardent NeoLiberal believers, who remain thoroughly insulated from reality in the information bubbles of Brussels and Washington. The West, while superficially wealthy has become like an obese man whose body weakens and becomes susceptible to pathogens due, ironically, to his own overabundance. The material wealth and technological advancements of the West have served to conceal the decay of its society and as a result, has invited social pathogens which have begun eating away at it from within.
On the European Front, the refugee crisis has quickly exposed the flaws of a European Union whose inevitable victory, until only a few years ago, had seemed all but certain to most observers. Now, in light of the migrant crisis, Islamic State-inspired Terror, Brexit and the rise of a new Nationalism across Europe, the EU project does not seem long for this world.

Still, the architects of the disaster, being true believers, continue to cling to the hope that somehow they can muddle through. Angela Merkel, in spite of the howls of protest from her constituents, continues to keep Germany’s doors open to an ever rising tide of Muslim refugees. Refugees who have wrought havoc throughout the country, from the mass sexual assaults in Cologne to increasingly frequent terrorist violence.

In France, Francois Hollande continues to reign over a France in the midst of a de facto insurgency waged by its own radicalized Muslim community. Hollande continues to dither and equivocate while French citizens die in large numbers and have now become forced to  accustom themselves to living under a state of siege.

This, of course, is merely the beginning. Although nationalist movements are gaining significant strength and influence, they still face an uphill battle against the regime of the reigning Eurocrats. For even if the Nationalists eventually triumph, perhaps in a few years time, it may simply be too little, too late. For, if Muslim immigration continues apace at its current rate the demographic makeup of nations like Germany may be altered permanently and barring extreme measures, this change will be irreversible. In such circumstances, a Yugoslav-style civil war or partition may be all but inevitable.
The situation in the United States, while obviously different from the elements of Refugee and Terrorism crisis currently gripping Europe, is ironically in many ways much more dire. The United States is significantly more religious than continental Europe and the last several years have seen the complete triumph of Liberalism over American Conservatism in what has become known as the “Culture Wars”. With the Supreme Court’s decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, which legalized Sodomite Marriage nationwide, those opposed to the further legitimization of sexual pathology are left with nowhere to turn. Their backs are now firmly against the wall as they fight to defend what little remains of their political influence.
Emboldened by their historic victory the NeoLiberal Sodomites and their fellow traveler “Allies” are now seeking to turn this Conservative defeat into a complete rout. As they have now gone far beyond the mere legitimization of Sodomy and are now seeking to legitimize ever more depraved lifestyles and practices.

Transgenderism has now become the newest social crusade being pushed by the Neoliberal regime. The recent controversy in North Carolina, for example, over the refusal of that state to allow degenerate and mentally ill transvestites from using women’s restrooms has resulted in the equivalent of being imposed upon it. The message these penalties have sent to other states and municipalities also considering preventing transvestites from invading women’s bathrooms has been nothing short of chilling.

Even the U.S. military, long a source of pride amongst Conservative Christians who have historically served in it with distinction has fallen victim. Formerly a soldier could have faced a dishonorable discharge if it could be confirmed that he or she was a practicing homosexual, this of course has been overturned by the Obama administration. But again, such a victory was not enough for to satisfy the Sodomite lobby. Not only has homosexuality now been legitimized within the military, a development which would have seemed almost unthinkable little more than a decade ago, but so has transgenderism. Transvestites are and use the facilities of whichever sex they decide to identify as on any given day. This decision was of course made in the interests of pure Ideology, as it can only drastically weaken the esprit de corps amongst enlisted officers and their men and will undoubtedly decrease the combat abilities of an already thinly stretched force.

Such events, grotesque as they may be, are merely a foretaste of what awaits under a Clinton presidency.

With a Clinton victory seeming ever more likely American conservatives have begun to ponder strategies for surviving the coming Clinton Regime. Conservatives such as Rod Dreher have begun floating the concept of a , essentially a withdrawal of American Christians opposed to the legitimization of sexual deviancy from public life. Dreher and others see this as the only way for Christians to shield their children from NeoLiberal degeneracy.

While withdrawing from the public square may buy Traditionalist Christians time and shield their children from the worst of the Clinton Regime’s LGBT pogroms, in the long term it will not be a sufficient measure. It is important to remember that the Ideology of NeoLiberalism is inherently totalitarian and thus will never be satisfied with the mere defeat of its enemies. Rather it seeks their complete submission; it requires not only that its subjects obey its commandments but that they love those commandments as well. Its work is not complete until it has mutilated the souls of those it has subjugated.
Under such a regime Dreher’s Traditionalist Benedict option communities, if they are ever to form, will become the object of increasing scorn and pressure from an Ideologically driven Clinton administration. Dissenters from LGBT Ideology will be penalized economically (this is already the case in many U.S. states) thus preventing them from providing for their families and financially supporting the Faith communities they are trying so hard to engender.

But repressive measures against Traditional Christians will not merely end there, under a Clinton Administration it is very real possibility that Homeschooling as an option will be phased out, as Clinton has stated publicly that she believes education should be a . After all, if it remained such a “Family Enterprise” it may prevent children from being indoctrinated into Clinton’s favored LGBT Ideology.


Reducing the control of families over the education of their own children has always been one of the main goals of the Clinton’s expressed policy platforms. If Traditional Christians attempt to circumvent the indoctrination of their children via homeschooling en masse, the Clinton regime will, no doubt, be forced to act against them. With homeschooling eliminated, any refusal to subject their children to LGBT indoctrination in public schools will now be seen as a potential act of child abuse. Those Traditional Christians who object to the indoctrination of their children in public schools will face the risk of, not only the personal social ostracization that comes with expressing “bigoted” viewpoints, but potentially even of having their children removed from their homes and placed in the Foster Care System. 

Under such circumstances, the strategy of withdrawal will no longer be sufficient for Traditional Christians to maintain their beliefs and ways of life. They will learn, only too late, that while they may not be interested in Global NeoLiberalism, Global NeoLiberalism is very interested in them.

Such likely potential outcomes are not lost on Traditionalist Christians. Recently Dreher himself that Christians in the United States may eventually be forced to emigrate to nations that are more friendly to Traditional Christianity. Dreher, like many modern conservatives, unfortunately, remains quite Russophobic. Nevertheless, he still entertained the Russian Federation as a potential destination for such migration, along with Central European nations such as Poland and Slovakia.

Indeed, the concept of Russia as a potential destination for Western Christians fleeing persecution is not nearly as far-fetched as it may sound. Though of course profoundly different from the United States, Russia, when viewed through the proper lens, is a rather attractive place for Traditional Christians to settle potentially.

Russia is both technologically advanced and possesses a wealth of the kind of genuine Culture which is noticeably lacking in the United States. This Culture is not only rich but also a distinctly Christian one, which Western Christians will undoubtedly find refreshing, especially in comparison to the Sodomite hellscape which so much of contemporary American Culture has morphed into.

Furthermore, Russia remains perhaps the only European nation that is militarily strong enough to oppose the designs of Atlanticist Hegemony. A country like Poland or Slovakia may ultimately prove too small and vulnerable to Western Economic or Military pressure to be able to withstand U.S. Imperialism for very long. It is no accident that one of the main cultural milestones of the U.S. backed Junta in Kiev was the celebration of the city’s Such events will undoubtedly be hallmarks of U.S. geopolitical domination when it expands its reach into the rest of Eastern and Central Europe under the guise of ever more “color revolutions”.

These reasons alone will make Russia the prime destination for Western Refugees in the event of a Clinton victory in the November election. But the real question is not whether Christian Refugees will seek asylum in Russia, but whether Russia will open its doors to them.

All nations have the right to defend their borders and preserve their own cultural coherency. The latter becomes a genuine concern in times of the major movements of refugees, as we can presently witness in the Nations of Western Europe, who are importing mass numbers of Sunni Muslims whose Cultural Values are inherently incompatible with those of their host countries.

Such problems need not beguile Christian Refugees seeking asylum in Russia however. The religious worldview of Western Christians is, unlike that of Wahhabist Muslims, completely compatible with that of the Russian nation. The biggest problems facing such refugees will, instead, be mostly linguistic and economic ones.

The Russian language, with its Cyrillic alphabet, will admittedly be difficult for many Westerners to learn at first. But ultimately will by no means be an insurmountable challenge, especially if efforts are made by both the Russian Government and the refugees in question to facilitate this outcome.
The economic front may pose much more of a challenge to Westerners seeking to resettle in Russia, as the Russian economy is significantly smaller and, especially in light of Western Sanctions, admittedly weaker overall. Westerners used to a life of rampant consumerist excess will undoubtedly find this difference to be a cause for pause, but given the economic penalties Traditionalist Christians will undoubtedly face in the West anyways this may not be as hard of a sell as it may first appear.

As conditions continue to worsen in the United States and Europe, many will begin looking for an exit. They will seek to resettle in a land where their Traditional beliefs will not get them fired by their employers, ostracized by their friends and neighbors as bigots, or result in their children being placed in Foster Care. Under such conditions, Russia may very well become a prime destination for Traditionalist Christians fleeing the chaos and  religious oppression of the West.

If present trends in U.S. politics continue on their present trajectory, the descendants of those who once fled religious repression in Europe for the harsh wilderness of North America will undoubtedly attempt to repeat the journey their ancestors once made hundreds of years earlier, but this time in reverse. Will Russia open her door to them?