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The demographic transformation of Turkey

Turkey is passing through a phase that all developed countries have passed through. The demographic transformation of the country is partially due to the increase in the quality of life and improvements in healthcare and social services

Korvary Rojas’ Children Released!


The transfer of the capital of Russia to the Far East

Discussion of the project of the transfer of the capital of Russia to another place in Moscow caused great interest among the residents of the country and from the public arena gradually turns into a political one.

More and more influential politicians and public figures express their views on this issue, and among them supporters of the transfer are the overwhelming majority.
The most complete overview of the opinions of Russian politicians is available on the website "Business Quarter".

Judge Turner under no Legal Authority Denied Mr. Rojas’ Petition for Habeas Corpus

Mr. Rojas has been fighting to get his children back for more then two years.

His children were taken from him because a corrupted Brevard County Sheriff’s officer arrested him for “resisting and officer” and trafficked his children in to the DCF social worker’s kid’s for cash scheme.   ( It is widely believed officer’s are obtaining kick backs from stealing children in the lucrative industry based on the destruction of families and selling humans ) .

Korvary Rojos protests - release our Children Brevard County

Press Release

Today, 8/3/2017 we are protesting in front of the Viera Court House  because Judge Charles Crawford promised to return Korvary Rojas Children, on July 31, 2017, on conditioned on the positive completion of his parenting assessment, of which he completed.

President Donald Trump Cuts Planned Parenthood-Run Sex-Ed Programs, May Prepare for Abstinence Funding

President Donald Trump recently cut funding to a questionable teen pregnancy prevention program that has given millions of dollars to the abortion business Planned Parenthood.

The Hill reports pro-abortion President Barack Obama created the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program in 2010 to teach vulnerable populations of students about preventing pregnancy.

Father’s Rights Leader, David Henry, Calls for End of Federal Funding for Destruction of the Traditional Family

Lila Buescher claims that she has under gone malicious prosecution, abuse of process and defamation at the hands of Pro se litigant David Henry.   She is the president of the Happy Landings Homes  aka Gabrielle Place with in his child and her mother are housed.

She is suing the indigent litigant for $15,000.

Macron says Africa’s main problem is ‘7-8 children per woman

Macron says Africa’s main problem is ‘7-8 children per woman,’ social media erupts


French President Emmanuel Macron is in hot water for saying that one of Africa’s main problems is women having too many children. Social media has been grilling him for blaming innocent children rather than Western companies that are “looting” Africa.

Macron addressed African issues during the June 7-8 G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany. However, the video of his speech was released on social media only on Monday.

Ontario passes ‘totalitarian’ bill allowing gov’t to take kids from Christian homes

ORONTO, June 1, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — Ontario’s Kathleen Wynne Liberals have passed what critics describe as “totalitarian” Bill 89 by a vote of 63 to 23 on the last day before Queen’s Park adjourns for the summer.

Pro-family advocates warn Bill 89 gives the state more power to seize children from families that oppose the LGBTQI and gender ideology agenda, and allows government agencies to effectively ban couples who disagree with that agenda from fostering or adopting children.

The U.S. fertility rate just hit a historic low. Why some demographers are freaking out

The United States is in the midst of what some worry is a baby crisis. The number of women giving birth has been declining for years and just hit a historic low. If the trend continues — and experts disagree on whether it will — the country could face economic and cultural turmoil.